“Pure experiment” – Sontsa and ONT TV-channel common project

The ONT TV channel together with the "Sontsa" factory conducts a project called “Pure experiment”. Every week on fridays we invite famous and public people to our laundry studio and help them solve their washing problems. We do the laundry, bleach, remove complex stains, release clothes wrinkles without an iron. And all this we do in presence of invited guests in real time!

We are not afraid to show the result!

We stand for pure and true experiments!

Follow the episodes each week on Fridays` morning show “Our morning” on the ONT TV-channel .

Will the bleach SUPRIM of new generation  cope with the stained makeup stains on the snow-white collar of TV presenter Dmitry Maksimovich?

To wash complex stains and preserve the brightness and color of the clothes of the Italian teacher and writer Vincenzo Santoro will help a high-tech laundry detergent Mara 4 in 1.

Designer Natalia Potkina will test the unique product of our team - Wrinkle releaser spray SUPRIM. We will conduct a joint experiment and check the effectiveness of the spray!

In the episode our team with the popular TV presenter Natalia Nemogaj are going to wash off the stains from grass and blood on the football uniform of her son. Will  the Stain Remover Spray SUPRIM based on enzymes cope with such a challenging task without boiling?

Our guest from India will reveal how to open the inner energy, keep clear mind and easily manage stress with the help of yoga. We, in turn, will show you how to maintain brightness and structure of an expensive and delicate clothe, such as sari, using fabric conditioner Sunday.

ONT channel will examine the formula of cleanness and ensure safety of the products, produced by Sontsa factory. Specialists of our company will show the production process of washing powder.

Washing children's colored clothes is not an easy task. It is important to be attentive not only to washing properties of powder but also to its components. The guest of our experiment Yanina Goncharova will test the washing powder Маrа Standard of Cleanliness for children's clothes. Will the results please our guest?