Sontsa company is a manufacturer of high-quality laundry detergents, household chemicals and personal hygiene products. We are located in Belarus. The head office is in Minsk, the production is situated in Osipovichi town (Mogilev region, 150 km from Minsk). Currently the company has more than 200 employees.
The company has become the leader in laundry detergents production since it started its sales on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
An innovative approach to technologies and product development gives the company a strong competitive position, boosts business in supplying in-demand products for customers.

What is important to us:


We respect and consider the customers’ requirements and society needs in our developments and innovations. Their wishes are an important source of inspiration in new products developments and improvements of the existing ones.


We are constantly working on regulation of environmental impact and improvement of product safety.

Development of Business environment

We strive to be a reliable company that contributes to Belarusian business development and fulfills obligations to the partners.


Tracking new products of household chemicals on the global market is an important source of ideas in new products development. We monitor trends in business and retail technologies and implement them in the company’s business processes.


Quality control and stability are integral parts of the company's strategy. We aim to ensure that our advanced formulas guarantee you perfect results.

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