The ideas of all new products are generated and implemented through the joint efforts of the research and marketing departments. It is a truly exciting experience!


Scientific expertise and the study of market trends are the basis of our products development. We are constantly looking for new ways to solve everyday tasks effectively. We track global innovations in the field and introduce the most successful experience.


Our partners are the world's leading suppliers of ingredients in their field. Our long-term cooperation allows us to create the perfect balance of our own formulas.


Symrise (Germany) - the world's largest manufacturers and real experts in the field of active natural ingredients, extracts, and fragrances. Together we have developed a platform of effective and safe solutions for our entire range of product.

Novozymes is a world leader in bio innovations. Together we are working out biological solutions to our products. Natural origin and a well-chosen complex of enzymes guarantee their complete safety and excellent quality of washing.

BASF is the largest chemical concern in the world since 1865 it has been setting trends in the entire industry. It is one of our long-standing and strategic partners. During our cooperation, all our formulas have reached a new competitive level, they became “smarter” thanks to such components as optical brighteners, dye transfer inhibitors, surfactants, etc.


We do care ...

One of our main business direction is the development of responsible consumption and public health concern! We have developed and implemented a safety assessment system of raw materials and components in final formulas. We managed to maintain a balance between high quality and safety of the products.


Tower method of production
New modern equipment
No emissions to the environment
High power and performance
Own research center


Unique Tower method of production

It guarantees perfect quality of washing powder. The active ingredients enter the spray tower at a height of 56 meters. They descend in a stream of hot air, forming ideal granules with a homogenous composition. Sontsa is the only factory that uses such a complex and expensive technology!

New modern equipment

We use an equipment from the leading world companies: GEA (Denmark), Balestra (Italy), Sidel (France), Akma (Italy), IKA (Germany), Metrohm (Switzerland), GFL (Germany), Huber (Germany).

High power and perfomance

The production area is 4 hectares, production building - 24,000 square meters, the performance of powder detergent amounts to 75,000 tons per year, liquid detergents - 40,000 tons per year. Packaging - 4.5 tons per hour in a plastic package, 250 packs per minute in cardboard, 6000 plastic bottles per hour.

We own modern Research Center

The accredited laboratory performs large number of tests to ensure that our customers obtain high quality product. We guarantee the compliance of the company's products with accepted standards and the requirements of GOST.

No emissions to the environment

We have invested in the creation of a cleaning system and waste-free production. It makes our company ecologically sound. Respect for the environment is one of our top priorities.

Factory in the center of Belarus

Sontsa factory is located in Osipovichi town, Mogilev region, Republic of Belarus. The production capacity of the factory fully covers the demand for synthetic detergents in Belarus.

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