Contract manufacturing

We offer contract manufacturing of household chemicals and personal care products as well as the manufacture of private label brands.

The company has extensive experience in the production of Private Label Brands for large retail customers. We can offer you ideas on a turn-key basis.

Our advantages

- High-technology level of production.

Sontsa is a new modern factory in Belarus. It’s one of the leaders in production capacity in Eastern Europe.

- Favorable geographical location is advantageous to logistics.

- Flexible product solutions.

Sontsa can offer high-quality products in any price range (economy, medium, premium). The research and development department will create individual formulas upon the requests of a customer.

- Product quality.

Our  Laboratory and Quality Control Department monitor the product quality at all stages of production.

- Range of Packaging options.

We have modern equipment for product packaging: carton packaging 0,35-0,75 kg, plastic bags 1,5 -15 kg, bottles 0,25  - 1 L.

- In-house Research Center - RnD.

- The team of qualified designers.

- We execute all orders timely due to organized business processes, reliable suppliers and professional supply chain management team.

BRC Global Standard certificate

BRC Global Standard certificate confirms the quality of Sontsa’s products.

BRC Global Standard is a series of international standards for food safety, packaging, and consumer products.

BRCGS' Standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety, and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRCGS is based on the principles of hazard and risk analysis, best practices on management of product safety and quality system.

BRCGS is a leading global brand and consumer protection scheme recognized by thousands of customers worldwide.

Product catalog

See our line of packaging options: catalog download.

Product catalog: catalog download

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