Washing powder for children's underwear

The highest quality according to Italian technology. Confirmed safety: the products have passed dermatological control and are recommended for washing clothes of people with sensitive skin and children from birth (0+). It does not contain chlorine, dyes, preservatives, phosphates. This product is based on oxygen bleach – the safest ingredient in the fight against stains. The powder is effective when washing from 40 ° C and above, suitable for all types of fabrics, makes white even whiter and retains the brightness of colored things. The BIO enzymes included in the powder cope with such typical "children's" pollution as stains from juice, fruit, grass, markers, ice cream and so on.
The hypoallergenic nature of the product has been confirmed protocol on hypoallergenic The environmental safety of the product is confirmed by the ECO product conformity certificate

Volume:400 g / 2,4 kg

Purpose:designed for washing products made of various fabrics, including children's clothing

Type of wash:automatic / hand wash



Safe for children and animals


Ingredients:5-15% oxygen-containing bleach, anionic surfactants; <5% polycarboxylates, nonionic surfactants, enzymes, fragrance


when washing in washing machines, based on 4-5 kg of laundry of medium degree of contamination in hard water, it is recommended to add 90 g of detergent to the main washing compartment. When washing in medium or soft hardness water, add 70 g of the product. If the laundry is heavily soiled: when washing in hard water, it is recommended to add 120 g (g) to the main wash compartment and 30 g to the pre-wash compartment; when washing in medium-hardness water, add 100 g and 30 g of the product, respectively. When hand washing at the rate of 10 L of water for laundry of medium degree of contamination, it is recommended to add 40 g of the product; if heavily soiled, 55 g of the product.

Logistic information:

0,4 kg 18 64 4814628011746
2.4 kg 6 45 4814628011753