Full range of our products

There is a wide range of products produced by Sontsa factory represented in the brand store in the following categories:

- laundry detergents
- dishwashing detergents
- household cleaning detergents
- personal care products

The assortment is organized by brand blocks, which helps to find the necessary product easily.

Experienced consultants will help you to make the right choice: provide consultation, answer any questions and will be happy to advise the best solution, taking into account the needs of each client.

The interactive space of the store combines a complete presentation of the assortment and opportunity to get acquainted with products.

To test the quality and effectiveness of detergents, we have integrated a washing studio into the store. You can bring and wash your laundry using any of our products and form your own opinion.

“Sontsa” is not only a store of household chemicals and personal hygiene products, but it is also a center for studying consumer preferences, which regularly hosts master classes, trainings, and presentations of new products.


Nezavisimosti av. 74 (Metro Station: Academiya Nauk)
+375 17 397 49 87

Working hours:

Mon-Sat: 11:00-19:00, Sun: closed

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