Smart Aids for perfectly smooth laundry

  • Ironing Aid protects iron from lime-scale
  • Spray wrinkle releaser removes wrinkles on clothes without ironing!
  • Your comfortable ironing!

April Evolution EcoSolution

Eco Gel for laundry

  • 99% natural ingredients
  • effective even in cold water
  • free from fragrance and synthetic dyes
  • gentle on sensitive skin

April Evolution EcoSolution

Washing powder that is safe for humans and nature

  • 94% naturally-derived ingredients
  • safe for sensitive skin
  • 0% chlorine, phosphates, dyes, prfumes

April Evolution EcoSolution

All-purpose household cleaning detergent

  • lactic acid based
  • cleaning and disinfection surfaces in contact with food
  • & hard surfaces in places where children and animals play

SUPRIM Dishwashing

4 steps to crystal cleanliness and safety



  • kills viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • no harsh chemicals
  • for all surfaces



Personal care

House cleaning


Tower method of production

It guarantees perfect quality of washing powder. The active ingredients enter the spray tower at a height of 56 meters. They descend in a stream of hot air, forming ideal granules with a homogenous composition.
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New modern equipment

We use an equipment from the leading world companies: GEA (Denmark), Balestra (Italy), Sidel (France), Akma (Italy), IKA (Germany), Metrohm (Switzerland), GFL (Germany), Huber (Germany).
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No emissions to the environment

We have invested in the creation of a cleaning system and waste-free production. It makes our company ecologically sound. Respect for the environment is one of our top priorities.
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High power and perfomance

Production area is 4 hectares, production building - 24,000 square meters. The performance of powder detergent amounts to 75,000 tons per year, liquid detergents - 40,000 tons per year
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We own modern Research Center

The accredited laboratory performs large number of tests to ensure that our customers obtain high quality product. All the product comply with accepted standards.
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